Actor—creator—human being 

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The history

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Raison D'être

The art that keeps me awake at night—the stories that I am passionate about—are those that combine an intellectual observation of the world with a visceral.


A University of Windsor graduate looking for a chance to identify himself by something other than his alma mater.

About Billy Chandler

For me, theatre is more than expression of self, more than reflection of the world.  It is both an art form and an approach to life.  There are elements that mark it both as a craft and a hobby.  Theatre is a new world, filled with joy and pain and thousands of lives and struggles I have never had, but I have all at the same time.  It is an art of sound and fury.


Combining methods of Stanislavski, Chekhov, Linklater, Vahktangov, and Suzuki.

A Fighter

Trained in:

Unarmed Combat by Michael Dufays, Single Sword by Daniel Levinson, and Quarterstaff by Christopher Mott.

select Skills Include

Basic Stage Combat

Contact Improvisation

Mask Creation

Rubik's Cube

3 Ball Juggling