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For The Double Dealer​:

"Chandler is equally tortured [as Hudyma], even though there is nothing physically wrong with him. It's his boyfriend who is the focus of his mixed feelings, and the way he tries to adapt and shape his own life when his partner is struck deaf. I was very impressed with the way both men brought both eloquence and elegance to their roles." -  Dan Brown, The London Free Press

For Out of Our Hands:

*Billy Chandler is highly effective as the deceitful Maskwell.* - Hani Yassine, The Windsor Lance

"Both actors were equally strong and compelling in their very different performances. Hudyma is much more physical and exudes energy and frustration; Chandler is more reserved, but equally tormented. His ability to emote both through words and through sign language is riveting.
It’s a story of struggle, challenges, and the lengths we go to overcome them." - Melanie Holt, The London Yodeller

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What Are they Talking About?

"Thank you for this charmed - and charming - touching and deftly woven play! It takes finesse, insight and no small amount of acting skill to hold the reins on material with such potentially volcanic emotional capacity, yet both these actors made it look easy, their commitment to their characters allowing the audience to travel their respective journeys with them, companionably, in a gentle sort of thoughtfulness rather than percussive emotionality. Refreshing! Surprisingly fun, always thoughtful, sensitive without being self-conscious or sentimental, and remarkably clever." - Jennifer Cornish, Myra's Story